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Lessons of Love

Letter to Mike and Common,


As I am really begin to process everything that has transpired to this point, I am starting to accept what I have actually known deep down all along, is that you have been keeping your promise that you made to me which is to fight for us to the end. I am also starting to see that you and Common both love me from your respective perspectives.

To you both,

I am especially grateful to God for everything that He has allowed to transpire, even the chaos involving social media. The voyeurism, and everything attached to and that has transpired from it has indeed made me stronger, wiser and better. Most importantly, it continues to teach me how to love.

I have been praying this past week as I have at times over the years for the grace to be able to look beyond people’s faults and see their needs; especially the true haters that abound. I’m grateful to be able to say that I love you both from that perspective. No one is perfect, yet I still see greatness and leadership capabilities in you both in the midst of your respective flaws.

God still loves justice and hates robbery, wrongdoing, I guess we will see how He has already planned to have this all play out.

My heart’s desire is for unity within the brethen; and the only entity that I desire to inflict pain on is satan himself; and by the grace of God to be used as a vessel to tear down the stronghold of oppression that has people in bondage on a global basis. However, from my vantage, the stronghold of oppression is experienced on a  deeper  level domestically; and ironically here in the Northeast. I want everyone of us to be free from this stronghold of oppression. I sincerely want our country as a whole to begin the healing process.

🎼free them to free us, America’s moment to come to Jesus🎼- Common

1Cor 7:14-15; Is 61:8



Much love, peace, joy and blessings to you both and to us all!

Equal Justice regardless

Isaiah 61:8

“For I, the Lord, love justice;

I hate robbery for burnt offering;

I will direct their work in truth,

And will make with them an everlasting covenant.

I got a chance to breathe a little yesterday from my studies and all. I found myself reflecting and pondering over a recent local shooting that involved Yale University Police and Hamden , CT police shooting and a young innocent couple.

Without trying to go into the details ( there still somewhat unclear to me and therefore it wouldn’t do any justice; please see link below). Although the incident occurred about a week ago, and my daughter as well as other family members, close friends and people in the streets have been trying to bring me up to speed, the impact is just now hitting me to a point where I found myself asking the Lord a lot of whys.

I heard some negative comments that were made regarding my lack of involvement regarding the protests, leading the charge, and so forth, by a few people, I figured that it was probably the consensus of a-lot of people. I was initially going to keep silent regarding a response to the remarks , however, I decided to speak up share at this time.

So, as I was reflecting and posing questions to God as to why I didn’t feel compelled to jump into action regarding this incident right after hearing about the shooting. He simply showed and explained to me that this particular assignment was not mine. There were and are still other people who were more equipped in handling this situation at this time; including a local pastor who already has established a relationship with the all parties involved, in addition to the local chapter of Black Lives Matter and some Yale University students. Everyone seems to know their respective assignment(s) and appear to be working together very nicely in order to see that justice in this situation.

God does indeed love justice, He also is the One in control whether we accept it or not; or whether we decide to acknowledge it or not. Therefore He can choose to use whoever He wills for whatever situation He seems necessary .

I honestly am not sure what else I could possibly bring to the table right now except for my support and my pledge to avail myself in whatever capacity that is needed at any given time.

My heart, thoughts and prayers are also with the two victims and their families.🙏🏾😘


Is 61:8

Letter to the Free

“Those things are there. Now it’s just probably going to be in our face even more, and we now know we have to resolve it and be the vessel for the change”- Common

I’ve said it many times before , and I’m saying it again- that we really need to pray for the current president if for no other reason than for the greater good- to start the real healing process of the nation- the world. I really, and truly struggle with praying for him just based off of my personal real strong distaste for him; however, God is reminding me once again that it’s not about me but the Christ in me- then it’s only by His grace I am able to see the real need for real prayer coming from a real deep place that only the grace of God can evoke and sustain.

Regardless of your faith and/ or lack thereof, oppression is at the heart of all the issues that divide us and continue to cause us to hurt each other from one generation to the next.

There is a phrase in Common’s song Letter to the Free”

– ” We let go to free them so we can free us
America’s moment to come to Jesus

has never been more true and needed than at this very moment in our history. Listen to, read, and reflect on the lyrics to both Common’s and Childish Gambino’s ” Letter to the Free” and ” This is America” respectively. Although they were both released a couple of years ago – the message is still very relevant today.

Look around, listen intently to the noises in your backyard, neighborhoods, local, national and global news- the message is universal – a lot of hurting people with unresolved issues in need of real unconditional love and healing that are continuing the seemingly endless cycle of hurt.

At some point we have to stop and find the courage and strength to face the pain within, the very pain that we think that we have been successfully masking and suppressing – for some a mighty long time- so long that it feels like second nature.

People often say to lay aside the differences and instead focus on the commonalities ; one commonality that I have observed between ” Black America ” and ” White America” is that ( again this is based on my observation) – both sides are afraid of being pushed aside.

White America got a clue a few years ago that things are about to flip; according to the Census and other forecast data – people of color are about to become the majority. Some are trying to say that these reports are a lot of hype; however based on the sheer actions of a lot of them, the mere thought or possibility of the forecasts to be true is enough to cause panic and real fear. To a point of providing great incentive to put aside their political differences and stand in solidarity whenever they deem necessary on local and national challenges to their faux power – faux status quo. From their perspective they ( some) believe that they are being “invaded”. I wonder if this is Karma? 🤔

Blacks- (at least I am) are looking at every presidential candidate through the lens of who will most likely build alliances with whom (Example: Whites and Hispanics- I’ve seen this done more than once up close and personal) to push blacks out of the conversation? Who is most likely to be fair/ objective and ready to work on behalf of blacks and other POC?

In the case of white and Latino alliances being formed to push aside blacks- my most recent observation was the case in which CNN’s Alysin Camerota did a focus group ( Pulse of the People) that was supposed to be a diversified representation of independent voters in the United States.

What I found particularly interesting was that despite the fact that black female voters played significant roles in several special elections since 2016 ( namely the Alabama Senatorial election in which Black female voters turned out in large number to help Doug Nelson triumph over Roy Moore, and other key elections including the mid- terms; significant players such as Stacy Abrams) and yet not one black female was represented in her focus group. Perhaps Black female voters are not independent voters!💁🏾

AND – during a particular segment in which she featured a brief exchange / response to her question addressed to this ” focus group” that was based on their opinion of Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez (a Hispanic freshman Congresswoman from D-NY)- she made a point to show how everyone in this focus group (again that had no black female representation) was very excited about Representative Ocasio-Cortez and the prospect of her being groomed for perhaps a 2024 Presidential run.

I do not have a personal issue with Rep. Ocasio- Cortez; – I’m actually excited about the “Green New Deal” that she played a very significant role in drafting- I just take issue with any and all hidden agendas that involve pushing Blacks and others POC aside!💁🏾

Neither side wants to be pushed aside.

“Those things are there. Now it’s just probably going to be in our face even more, and we now know we have to resolve it and be the vessel for the change”- Common

  • Common’s prophecy is still speaking and challenging us today as well. Who will be the vessel for change?
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    Religion, American Justice , Politics and the KKK

    Has the KKK not only infiltrated “ the white evangelicals” in America – but also the police departments and the American justice system as s whole?

    This really shouldn’t come as news to anyone. I mean- if someone as naive as myself has their suspicions – then I am quite sure that others most likely have the same suspicions. I hear and see others tip toeing around the issue but no one is really calling it out. God Himselfs ordains that those things that are done in the dark must come to light. Luke 8:17For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.

    I believe the reason that God Himself believes it’s time to bring what we already know deep down to the forefront because addressing this issue head on is crucial for real healing to begin.

    While viewing “ A Time to Kill” the other week my theory of their (KKK) infiltration w/in the police departments was reinforced and furthermore after conducting some research. ( see below)

    However, I also remember them ( the characters depicted as members of the national chapter of the Klu Klux Klan) referring to themselves as “ God-fearing men”. So it also brings me continue to ponder on the relationship and correlation between the Klu Klux Klan, “ white evangelicals” and the American political scene.

    One question that I have been asking all along whenever we heard various ” dog whistle” terms such as ” white evangelicals”, and ” Americans ” ( to name just a couple) – why is there a dinstinction between ” white evangelicals” and other God fearing individuals like myself who consider themselves as ” evangelicals” ? What happened to- Ephesians 4:4-6  There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.
    I was deeply hurt the first couple of times that I heard this term. I experienced hurtful experiences within church services; small and large churches, confusing at the time, because in my naïveté I actually thought we ALL worshipped the same God the same way- not based on outward appearances (i.e. the color of my skin, nor my walk and station in life).  1 Samuel 16:7But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” ( by the grace of God I got over it and began to see it for what it really was).

    So I can’t help but empathize with other American citizens, from various ethnicities and faiths ( including Latinos and Muslims who have sacrificed for the various liberties that are SUPPOSED to be afforded to every American Citizen) whenever the other dog whistle term ” American” was used as another form of dinstinction.

    During my research I came across this following statement within a Miami Herald article that was written about the Klan in 1922- “Especially fascinating was the naturalization ritual in which a mass of white-robed men swore loyalty to their nation and to Christianity”(see below).  Hmm, which leads me to my other question- what is the origin of this false sense of superiority? Was it birthed somewhere between their transit on the Mayflower and The Boston Tea Party? Is it overcompensation for the treatment they received as being servants themselves before their transit? Unresolved issues perhaps? Just a few questions that I’m pondering…

    Here’s another interesting quote-

    “In 1922, the Federal Council of Churches recorded its conviction that the rise of secret organizations “whose activities have the effect of arousing religious prejudice and racial consequences [is] fraught with grave consequences to church and society at large.”5 The resolution was aimed directly at the Klan and church members who joined the order. Yet despite the Council’s condemnation of the order, local churches continued to affiliate with the fraternity”… sound familiar? This was taking place 1922, fast forward to 2016- hmm.. ” white evangelicals” who have publicly endorsed a certain candidate ( heck I’ll say it-  Donald Trump) who not only spews off racist remarks on a regular basis , however he also has ties with KKK leaders who have also announced their candidacy for public office.

    However, there is one big difference between 1922 and present day- people stood up to denounce the Klan then; especially their religion affiliation; – “Anti-Klan lecturer and author W.C. Witcher denounced the Klan’s claims to 100% Americanism, Christianity and lawfulness.” A former Klansman Henry Fry also denounced the Klan back then – and declared ” their brand of Christianity to be false and blasphemous”.  This particular article went onto state that-  “Witcher and Fry were examples of Protestant Christians who denounced the order for religious reasons, but African Americans, Catholics, Jews, politicians (at local and national levels), Congress, businessmen, editors and many others also reviled the order for its aggressive stance on race and nation.”

    So my final question for the time being is this- where are the denouncers today?

    It brings me to my firm belief that healing has to begin in the church ( within the Body of Christ) first before it can take place in the nation and abroad.

    2 Chronicles 7:14-15

    if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place. * wicked ways- racism, killing, stealing, destroying, lying, deceiving, manipulation ( right up there with sexual immorality )- just saying…

    May the God of all Grace continue to lead and guide us all into ALL truth…

    John 16:13

    However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.

    May God Bless America!🇱🇷
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    Your wickedness was supposed to correct you…

    I’m already hearing rumblings as it pertains to the Baltimore Ravens’ incredible victory over the New England Patriots.

    Some are correctly alluding to the fact that I was praying for the Ravens all along; however, your are grossly mistaken when you allude to the fact that I was intentionally sleeping while Common and others were earnestly trying to rescue me yesterday afternoon.

    I have no doubt that there was no one else who was more disappointed in yet another supposedly failed attempt. It failed because that plan ( in particular) is not in God’s plan at this time, as it pertains to His will and His process as a whole.

    Common has said on more than one occasion and God reminded me of it as well last night –

    “trust the process”

    Therefore, for anyone to suggest that I would intentionally ignore him when he and perhaps others were risking their lives while taking time out of their busy schedules to help me – shows how deep the arrogance and the evil goes!

    You would rather believe something as ludricous as that , than to acknowledge the sovereignty of God.

    I believe that deep down if we where to be honest with ourselves – we would acknowledge that the game last night was more than just a football game. It was ya’ll that took it there and made it a racial thing ( and about greed). Therefore because God knows the evilness that in some of your hearts – He saw it from an oppressive standpoint and thus directed to pray accordingly!

    While reflecting on this – the Lord also reminded of this warning / scripture that He impressed me to share when Trump got elected. His presidency was supposed to bring this nation to its knees based on 2Chr7:14-15.

    However, because some of your hearts are still so callous- instead of drawing closer to God, – you still insist on rebelling against God!

    Jeremiah 2:19

    Your wickedness will punish you;

    your backsliding will rebuke you.

    Consider then and realize

    how evil and bitter it is for you

    when you forsake the Lord your God

    and have no awe of me,”

    declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty.

    Know this beloved – God is still in control and His Will – will indeed prevail!

    Peace, love and blessings! 🙏🏾❤️


    Jer 2:19


    Trump inviting foreign election interference-Again!

    Scales of Righteous Justice

    I keep hearing members of “ the network family” saying “ I don’t get it” in reference to why I won’t move. Many others probably see it from their perspective as well. Why would I want to continue to struggle living with my daughter in an one bedroom apartment- when I can have so much more if I just came downstairs? As if I’m actually rejecting my honey and the blessing(s) that God has for us. The furthest thing from the truth- delayed gratification by the grace of God (Ps. 37).

    That’s the perspective from a worldview and sadly many Christians see if from this worldly perspective as well. They have the form of godliness but deny the power thereof (2Tim 3:5). However, I and I suspect that there are other righteous servants of God that may hopefully see if from a Kingdom of God perspective that can only be obtained by abiding with Him and by Him abiding in you and through us as a result of having obtained a personal relationship with Him ( Rom 12:1-2; John 8:31).

    We are simply being obedient to Him and what He has placed on our hearts as His Will for resolving the situation at this particular phase ( Is 1:19). He loves justice, and hates robbery and wrong doing in which this particular case with the ” network family ” and the voyeurism being the least of their offenses reek of ( Is 61:8).

    The way that God has presented His scales of justice to me is that He loves all of His creation and desires for all men to be saved (1Tim 2:4).

    Therefore, by obeying His will, Justice is served by us securing the evidence that the ” network family” is after.

    That’s the real reason why they have this false sense of superiority in thinking that that have the right to dictate and to apply pressure for us to move AND THEY DON’T. They would have you to think that it’s been solely about a love triangle and it hasn’t ; it’s been about justice as well.

    However by obeying God, we secure the evidence and go on to living the abundant life that includes spiritual AND material blessings while serving God under His umbrella of continued protection and provisions (Ps. 91).

    However, if we allow them to have their way, primarily by giving into their pressure to vacant the premises and so forth by having me to come downstairs and eventually fall into the trap, then they continue to have their understanding darkened, their hearts hardened and continue to vilify the vulnerable because their cowards at their very cores.

    God’s way –everyone receives at the very least eternal life. We all win in this manner and matter!


    1. Ps. 37; 2Tim 3:5; Rom 12:1-2; John 8:31; Is61:8; 1Tim 2:4; Ps.91;
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    It’s okay to ask for help…

    The following is a response to Common’s tweet earlier regarding his new book ” Let Love Have The Last Word” during a recent interview on the View.

    For some reason I was not able to tweet a copy of the link from my journal. I just felt impressed to share via this blog post.

    *************************************Mental health
    ‪So true and have been reflecting on this regarding myself over the past few weeks. Challenged on how to look within, tap the healing power within- that has kept me all these years. Although I am advocate for Mental Health and for our community in particular to get past the stigma .
    ‪That has been placed on seeking therapy; I am honestly apprehensive about talking to someone at a time when I believe and desire to the most – simply because of privacy issues.‬
    Thus I am left to rely on the Source and the resources such as prayer, meditation, music( positive music from various genres), the Word of God, the awesome grace of God, spending time w/ my baby girl, and so forth to keep me going. The hope and prayer of us really connecting soon‬.

    In the meantime I do encourage others who are feeling pressed, overwhelmed and/ or in simple need of talking / working through somethings – to seek a licensed mental health professional that they feel comfortable with and that they can trust.

    You are a tremendous blessing to all you know and love you the world over. Praising God for you and your work, your voice regarding this issue in particular and other important issues that you give a voice to on the behalf of the voiceless, the vulnerable. I know that a practitioner of mental health is integral in my purpose; and yet…🙏🏾❤️


    1. Phil 4:6-9
    2. Common discusses mental health and his new book on the View:
    1. Featured Image courtesy of:

    God’s Providence at Work

    God’s Providence at Work
    — Read on

    Godly reminders throughout our everyday lives…all day everyday…

    …He’s blowing us kisses from heaven…the darker the hour…the more intense of convictions of faith causes , compels us to continue to stand on His regardless …the more He lets His presence to be felt…kisses from is only one of these special outpourings and displays of His constant love and tender mercies that are new everyday and available to everyone throughout the day!🙏🏾🙌🏾😘❤️👋🏾

    Godly reminders throughout our everyday lives…all day everyday…
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    True Justice

    Bryan Stevenson appeared on CTM ( the new brand name for CBS This Morning) to discuss on new documentary on HBO which airs this Wednesday evening at 9pm.

    During this segment on CTM, Mr. Stevenson raised a very good point in that the real issue of racism itself was that the narrative that slaves weren’t really humans; and thus eventually declared as 3/5th humans by the Supreme Court and deemed as chattel ( property) which undergirded white supremacy.

    The Constitution of the United States recognises slaves as property, and pledges the Federal Government to protect it. And Congress cannot exercise any more authority over property of that description than it may constitutionally exercise over property of any other kind. – Scott vs Sandford ruling of the Supreme Court.

    He stated that the North won the Civil War to end slavery; however the South won the narrative in that it never had to repudiate the narrative of the ideology of slaves not being regarded as fully human.

    I sincerely believe that this ideology still exists to a large extent today.

    Listening to Mr. Stevenson also gave voice to the underlying conviction that I have at this point in my life to see justice all the way through, at the expense of immediate personal gratification in so many aspects. I have often reflected on the belief that ( is now becoming more factual), that the mindset of the members of what I deem as the ” Network Family ” is that same mindset of white supremacists. And that deem me as their property that they have profited off of for so many years. I could go on about the numerous threats, statements, and overall attitude that have been hurled at me over this past year alone that have had similar racial undertones that have liken me to a runaway slave!

    I honestly do not know what pains me more- that such ideology is still prevalent in 2019 and/ or that there are members of this said network with similar ancestry as mine who also gain to profit at my expense. I deem and recognize this situation to be similar to the greed that motivated the slavery trade in the first place including the involvement of an African tribe trading off other Africans in the name of greed.

    I often think how easy life in general would be to just give in at this point and move on. And then I think about the culprits getting away with their wrongful illegal acts and the overall message that it sends, not only to me but to the numerous victims that have been intimated over the years and will continue to be intimated going forward unless someone/ people finally stands up to them and demands True Justice!

    My vision ( that the Lord Himself gave me over a month ago) is undergirded by my faith is to see justice all the way through and then to be able to enjoy some personal gratification in addition to being empowered with viable resources to help others. This morning’s segment on CTM and the articulations of Mr. Stevenson allowed me to tap into the real depth and source of my conviction for justice.

    Isaiah 61:8

    “For I, the Lord, love justice;

    I hate robbery for burnt offering;

    I will direct their work in truth,

    And will make with them an everlasting covenant.

    The love that the Lord states that He has for justice and His hate for robbery and wrong going are indeed coming to life in a more real sense as a result as well. Thus, I consider this morning’s segment as another kiss from heaven itself! 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️😘


    Is. 61:8

    Scott vs Sandford Case:

    Bryan Stevenson: “The North won the Civil War, but the South won the narrative war” on history of racism – CBS News

    Bryan Stevenson: “The North won the Civil War, but the South won the narrative war” on history of racism – CBS News
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    Let Love Has The Last Word

    I made an earlier attempt this morning to show Common and his team my love and support via a post. For some reason the post did not go through therefore this is my second attempt.💁🏾

    Please purchase his amazing book – I haven’t personally gotten a chance to read it yet myself- this is just one thing on a long list of things that I am trusting God for the opportunity to share up close and personal with him.

    However, like I’ve said on many occasions- he is gorgeous inside and out; and Im sure this book reflects this as well.😜❤️

    I honestly would really love the opportunity to join him on tour, primarily on our physically journey of life at this moment; however God is currently holding me to another obligation ( as I previously mentioned in my ” True Justice ” blog yesterday). In the meantime Common and his team has my whole hearted support in whatever and everything he endeavors!

    Please continue to show him and his team lots of love and support as they travel, bringing love and change around the world!

    Much love,😘🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

    1Cor 13; Is:61:8; Acts 5:29

    True Justice ;