These are interesting times indeed…

The following is a post that I actually drafted just PRIOR to the start of the DNC.

I praise God for allowing me to hold onto the little hope that was still within me despite what I was seeing and hearing as of late.

The DNC restored and refilled my hope tank! I hope that your hope tank was refilled as well this week.

I urge you to continue to pray to use whatever gift God has given you to help get the vote out!

Please feel free to use the link below to register to vote online if you haven’t already done so. God Bless!😘


What a week!

Better late than never has always been my motto- sad but true. However, I am so glad that we serve an ” On Time God” who sees all and knows all – who despite our shortcoming and imperfections is still in control!
Despite the events that took place during the RNC and the endorsements and other announcements that followed – I thank God for consistently encouraging me to resist the temptation to fear.

I can not thank Him enough for opening up the eyes of my heart and giving me the strength to stand and press on. I can not thank Him enough for restoring joy within.

Lord, I thank you!

I am most grateful for God answering my prayers for a message of hope!

As I stated earlier this week, I experienced a rude awakening earlier this week similar to what Apostle Price experienced in the late 90’s; and as a result I am on a similar mission to his mission back then that birthed his series on Race, Religion and Racism. Contrary to popular belief- I do like to do things in decency and in order. I am literally sitting on my hands while I go through the proper process of protocol before (Lord willing) I am able to proceed with my desire launch an online community forum on this important and I believe Holy Spirit sanctioned topic.
Let me just clarify… this is not an attempt to further expand the divisiveness within the Body of Christ and this nation; ON THE CONTRARY- this is my attempt to completely avail myself as ” a vessel” to be used by God to revisit this topic to further shed some light, and invite others to the table. As, I also stated earlier – the healing for our nation as a whole is contingent up  the healing that has to take place within the Body of Christ.
God has been talking and showing us all along, the connection Donald J. Trump, some members of the evangelical community and white supremacists.

Statements have been made by Donald Trump and his followers (base) ; code words that have been used throughout his campaign as a call to action to promote hate; – code words such ” white evangelicals, Americans, blue lives matter”, – to name a few. This in addition to endorsements by leaders in the ” white evangelical community”, ” white evangelicals”- the first and primary code word that raised an internal flag that eventually led me to my awakening; because this was a blatant distinction whites and blacks within the “religious” community – hence -again, this ties back to Dr. Price’s original message of Race, Religion and Racism.

As the Body of believers and as a nation I have to urge you to resist the temptation to give into fear, lay down, roll over and continue to sleep!

It’s time to Arise! Awake and put on strength. The Glory of God rests on you. He’s shining His light in the midst of the darkness- the violence, the terror, the lies and divisiveness that is occurring within our nation and abroad.

The answer, the healing for our nation lies within each believer- stir yourself up- stir up the gifts within! Humble yourself and pray, seek God with ALL of your heart, REPENT- turn from your wicked ways, THEN AND ONLY THEN – can we bring our gifts to the table for the Master’s use.
In the meantime as we’re humbling ourselves, being real with God and each other, praying, seeking God with all of our hearts so that we can turn from our wicked ways…
I am cautiously optimistic regarding the upcoming DNC to be held in Philly this week.
So ” The Donald” says that a vote for anyone other than himself is a vote for Hilary. As an independent voter and as a believer – I have always tried to ” vote the Bible” which has led me to lean and vote conservative for over 30 years- for the first time in all these years I am seriously leaning towards voting Democratic. As I reflect on “voting the Bible” – I find myself meditating on 1Cor13 ( the love chapter). I find myself disagreeing with a lot of the issues that the Democrats stand for- a lot of their policies go against a lot of my core values. However, as a believer- unconditional love is and always has to resonate and be demonstrated in and through my life on a consistent basis.
Having said that- I am not quite ready jump in to the Democratic pool with both feet – so I am also thinking about writing someone’s name on the ballot ( i.e. Marco Rubio or myself even!) – after all as Donald Trump has said in numerous occasions – ” a vote for any one other than me is a vote for Hilary”.
In all seriousness, this election is very crucial for times such as these. I urge you therefore to pray earnestly and listen attentively to the speeches that you will hear this week.
Lastly, if you haven’t already registered to vote, I urge you to do so. So many people have fought, struggled and lost their lives to give us this right to vote and to let our voices be heard. Please ensure that your photo identification and such are valid and current ( talking to myself on this one) – we don’t want to give the devil any space to keep us from exercising our right to vote.

Let’s pray – Lord God we praise, we glorify you, we give you all the honor and praises that are due your name. We thank you Lord for opening the eyes of our hearts as we seek your wisdom and guidance regarding this nation. We thank you for touching every heart with your grace and love. We thank you Lord for supplying every need, we thank you Lord for healing, deliverance and provision. We thank you for doing exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think.
We seal this prayer with Blood of Jesus!


Race, Religion and Racism – Dr. Frederick KC Price with introduction by Pastor Frederick K. Price;

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