It’s Time To Truly Repent

So, as I mentioned in my FB video that I just posted; I have been scratching my head  , reflecting over this whole election, processing things and simply asking God Why?

Why did you allow this to happen? I am not sure if many of you know about the petition from that is circulating for the electoral college to change their vote on December 19th. I actually signed the petition and I urge to sign as well. However, after I signed it, I asked God what would it take to actually make the petition effective and successful? Well, that when He began to deal with me about repentance. He reminded me about the times even more recently that He has warned us of what would happen to this country if we didn’t heed to His warnings and Repent.

As I also stated in my FB video, God has been sending missionaries to the US to warn us for many years, most recently He has been sending His men and women within our nation to warn us as well. In fact He reminded me of how He sent warnings through me, starting with the prophecy Consider Yourselves Warned ( see link below) that was given on July 26, 2015. That was the first time in a long time that He admonished me to share the following scripture- 2Chronicles 7:14-15. In that prophecy I asked a remnant to stand with me regarding that scripture and prayer. God also sent other warnings including the admonishment to awake and put on strength ( Is:52:1). And if you haven’t realized it yet- the results of this election is another warning. 

Because we did not heed to any of warnings He allowed the wicked schemes of the enemy to come to pass.

As I stated in the video and stated at other times as well, the Body  of Christ has to heal before the healing of the nation can take place.

We have not heeded His warnings yet nor have we been paying attention and we got blind sided – Are We Ready To Start Paying Attention Now???

This whole thing also reeks of greed! The slave trade was not based on racism but greed, one African selling other Africans( whom they had captured) to European traders out of pure greed. That’s what is coming into mind as I continue to reflect and pray on this. Especially as it pertains to both ” white evangelicals and a speckle of black evangelicals” selling out the American public as a whole for greed. So please add greed to the long list.

Repentance starts first and foremost from the pulpit. Preachers, pastors and teachers have to Repent from their ungodly living that is not pleasing to God and lead by example by leading Godly lives. Those of you who are shacking, fornicating, drinking, drugging, viewing porno, living the down- low, homosexuality, child molestors, and the list goes on-

Repent, confess your sins before God , He will forgive you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness (1John1:9). 

Stop preaching lies, rhetoric( including your own doctrine on prosperity to pad your own wallets) your own opinions, perspectives and personal agenda; but teach people the Word of God. Teach the people how to enter into a personal relationship with God. Teach them the truth ( based on the Word of God) in the spirit of love. Teach how to effectively apply the Word of God to their daily lives.

Again we are not talking about religion, legalism, beating people over the head with a bible; but we’re talking about teaching about the grace, love and mercy of God.  If you don’t know how to do that because you are not a true believer yourself and/or you simply do not know or not willing to then –Sit Down!

God is NOT Playing

He is not requiring us to be perfect but He’s looking for willing hearts and minds. He wants to know that we are willing to Repent, invite Him into our  hearts and begin to know Him and allow Him to reveal Himself to us through Grace.

The Republicans and ” political experts” are saying that this petition is giving people a false sense of hope because the Republicans have the majority on both sides. From where I stand that’s not democracy at all, where there’s just one perspective, one voice is being heard. On top of that you add the KKK, and Putin’s influence into the mix- definitely not looking like anything that God would co- sign on. They would have you to believe that, but I know different and I hope you do too.

They simply had a better strategy and we were blind sided because we were sleeping and weak. We were weak because we were not praying like we should.

In order for God’s will to be done on earth as it in heaven – there has to be a partnership between heaven and earth. In order for that partnership to take effect we ( the Body of Christ) has to be on one accord.

Again, I truly want this petition to be effective, I would love to see His    Perfect Will to be done

However repentance has to take place before change can be effective. 

Scriptures to reflect


Acts 12

Eph 2:5-8

Gal 5

Isaiah 52:1

1John 1:19

Psalms 37:1-2

Consider Yourselves Warned….

FB link  Petition

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