Brace Yourselves…

Plenty and plenty of warnings have gone forth and yet we as a Body of Christ are still for the most part stuck on carnal! Basically judging from recent posts and what is happening in the news – we haven’t fully repented. There are a handful of believers who have recently awaken out of their stupor but the remainder of us are still full of ourselves, full of pride and just plain evil.

Evil is what is at play here, if you have been wondering why the Democrats haven’t stood up, raised their voices, fists more so that what they have (which has been out of pressure from the sprinkling of righteous indignation on both sides of the aisle and the Green Party) is because although they are the lesser of the two evils, they’re still evil. Dick Gregory was right- “when you have evil and you vote for the lesser of the two evil, you’re  evil”. Evil is not going to rise up against evil. Evil would rather bow (in this case concede) to evil rather than bow down to righteousness and repent!

So brace yourselves- the enemy has been giving you a glimpse, a forecast of what’s to  come (the increase of hate crimes within the last month alone, key administrative /cabinet appointments, denial of any Russian cyber activity influencing the elections- when have you ever heard of a US President/ President-Elect -taking sides with a formidable opponent against their own country?) and it’s going to get worse. All of the protesting and monitoring in the world will not stand up to evil. Only God’s righteousness can stand up, has stood up, and actually has overcome evil! (2Cor 10:4), (Mark 3:23 The same resurrection power that raised up Jesus from the dead and overcame the enemy (satan) is still in us- the believers today, we just have to tap into that power through prayer! (Eph 1:19-22).

Pride comes before destruction, so unless we as a Body of Christ truly repents, the only group(s) that may survive the inevitable destruction are the Muslims and perhaps the Jewish. Heck, God even sent one of His Jewish messengers to address us ( before Congress) and warn us last year. The Muslims have been awake (on key matters)  for a long time, they have been speaking truth for a long time and they are faithful in their seeking through their devout prayers. The Jewish likewise…and no, i  am not encouraging you to convert to either Islam nor the Jewish religions…Jesus still is The Way, The Truth and The Light, no one comes to the Father but through Him. Correct me if I am wrong, however, the last I checked the Muslims still saw Him as a mere human (a Prophet, yet still human) and not the actual Messiah.

The Window of Grace is still open, however it is rapidly closing, now is the time to sincerely repent! (Rev 2:21-22)

Dick Gregory on News One Now (Roland Martin)

PM Netanyahu’s Speech Before Congress

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