Warning…Do So At Your Own Risk….

It’s a common fact and general acceptance that ” Big Brother is always watching”😳

And I have often shared that I am well aware that my privacy is not sacred . Several months ago, a friend came straight out and asked me how I dealt with the constant scrutiny, surveillance, and invasion of my privacy. He did say at the time that he thought that I just ignored the cameras and so forth. However, try as I may, it’s not always easy to ignore, and I also shared that my peace for the most part comes from God- knowing that if He’s allowing the constant invasion of my privacy to take place that He must a good reason; and that somehow He’s working it together for me good. (Rom8:28).

In the meantime please know that I am always going to continue to do me regardless and that I am not altering my life , nor compromise my overall peace and wellness in any measure – at anytime for anyone when it comes to this matter.

So please be aware and please take note of this warning … whatever you see ( including me walking around my personal space in the buff ), hear, and/ or read ( yes, including my journal)…you’re doing so at your own risk. I sincerely pray that you don’t get your feelings hurt in the process; however if you do …💁🏾 the owness is on you- you’ve been warned- again! 😘🙏🏾

Scriptural Reference

Job 1:1-12

Is 61:8


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