Letter to the Free

“Those things are there. Now it’s just probably going to be in our face even more, and we now know we have to resolve it and be the vessel for the change”- Common

I’ve said it many times before , and I’m saying it again- that we really need to pray for the current president if for no other reason than for the greater good- to start the real healing process of the nation- the world. I really, and truly struggle with praying for him just based off of my personal real strong distaste for him; however, God is reminding me once again that it’s not about me but the Christ in me- then it’s only by His grace I am able to see the real need for real prayer coming from a real deep place that only the grace of God can evoke and sustain.

Regardless of your faith and/ or lack thereof, oppression is at the heart of all the issues that divide us and continue to cause us to hurt each other from one generation to the next.

There is a phrase in Common’s song Letter to the Free”

– ” We let go to free them so we can free us
America’s moment to come to Jesus

has never been more true and needed than at this very moment in our history. Listen to, read, and reflect on the lyrics to both Common’s and Childish Gambino’s ” Letter to the Free” and ” This is America” respectively. Although they were both released a couple of years ago – the message is still very relevant today.

Look around, listen intently to the noises in your backyard, neighborhoods, local, national and global news- the message is universal – a lot of hurting people with unresolved issues in need of real unconditional love and healing that are continuing the seemingly endless cycle of hurt.

At some point we have to stop and find the courage and strength to face the pain within, the very pain that we think that we have been successfully masking and suppressing – for some a mighty long time- so long that it feels like second nature.

People often say to lay aside the differences and instead focus on the commonalities ; one commonality that I have observed between ” Black America ” and ” White America” is that ( again this is based on my observation) – both sides are afraid of being pushed aside.

White America got a clue a few years ago that things are about to flip; according to the Census and other forecast data – people of color are about to become the majority. Some are trying to say that these reports are a lot of hype; however based on the sheer actions of a lot of them, the mere thought or possibility of the forecasts to be true is enough to cause panic and real fear. To a point of providing great incentive to put aside their political differences and stand in solidarity whenever they deem necessary on local and national challenges to their faux power – faux status quo. From their perspective they ( some) believe that they are being “invaded”. I wonder if this is Karma? 🤔

Blacks- (at least I am) are looking at every presidential candidate through the lens of who will most likely build alliances with whom (Example: Whites and Hispanics- I’ve seen this done more than once up close and personal) to push blacks out of the conversation? Who is most likely to be fair/ objective and ready to work on behalf of blacks and other POC?

In the case of white and Latino alliances being formed to push aside blacks- my most recent observation was the case in which CNN’s Alysin Camerota did a focus group ( Pulse of the People) that was supposed to be a diversified representation of independent voters in the United States.

What I found particularly interesting was that despite the fact that black female voters played significant roles in several special elections since 2016 ( namely the Alabama Senatorial election in which Black female voters turned out in large number to help Doug Nelson triumph over Roy Moore, and other key elections including the mid- terms; significant players such as Stacy Abrams) and yet not one black female was represented in her focus group. Perhaps Black female voters are not independent voters!💁🏾

AND – during a particular segment in which she featured a brief exchange / response to her question addressed to this ” focus group” that was based on their opinion of Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez (a Hispanic freshman Congresswoman from D-NY)- she made a point to show how everyone in this focus group (again that had no black female representation) was very excited about Representative Ocasio-Cortez and the prospect of her being groomed for perhaps a 2024 Presidential run.

I do not have a personal issue with Rep. Ocasio- Cortez; – I’m actually excited about the “Green New Deal” that she played a very significant role in drafting- I just take issue with any and all hidden agendas that involve pushing Blacks and others POC aside!💁🏾

Neither side wants to be pushed aside.

“Those things are there. Now it’s just probably going to be in our face even more, and we now know we have to resolve it and be the vessel for the change”- Common

  • Common’s prophecy is still speaking and challenging us today as well. Who will be the vessel for change?
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