Equal Justice regardless

Isaiah 61:8

“For I, the Lord, love justice;

I hate robbery for burnt offering;

I will direct their work in truth,

And will make with them an everlasting covenant.

I got a chance to breathe a little yesterday from my studies and all. I found myself reflecting and pondering over a recent local shooting that involved Yale University Police and Hamden , CT police shooting and a young innocent couple.

Without trying to go into the details ( there still somewhat unclear to me and therefore it wouldn’t do any justice; please see link below). Although the incident occurred about a week ago, and my daughter as well as other family members, close friends and people in the streets have been trying to bring me up to speed, the impact is just now hitting me to a point where I found myself asking the Lord a lot of whys.

I heard some negative comments that were made regarding my lack of involvement regarding the protests, leading the charge, and so forth, by a few people, I figured that it was probably the consensus of a-lot of people. I was initially going to keep silent regarding a response to the remarks , however, I decided to speak up share at this time.

So, as I was reflecting and posing questions to God as to why I didn’t feel compelled to jump into action regarding this incident right after hearing about the shooting. He simply showed and explained to me that this particular assignment was not mine. There were and are still other people who were more equipped in handling this situation at this time; including a local pastor who already has established a relationship with the all parties involved, in addition to the local chapter of Black Lives Matter and some Yale University students. Everyone seems to know their respective assignment(s) and appear to be working together very nicely in order to see that justice in this situation.

God does indeed love justice, He also is the One in control whether we accept it or not; or whether we decide to acknowledge it or not. Therefore He can choose to use whoever He wills for whatever situation He seems necessary .

I honestly am not sure what else I could possibly bring to the table right now except for my support and my pledge to avail myself in whatever capacity that is needed at any given time.

My heart, thoughts and prayers are also with the two victims and their families.🙏🏾😘


Is 61:8


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