Prophetic Love


Dear members of the network family who are up this early and already playing games; I’m guessing that the “celebration” yesterday didn’t really occur- thus all the times that I actually did come down (in an effort to meet my honey half way) were all based on more trickery.

Also thank you and your friends so much for confirming your association with the Rev. – which is why I really did not like his plan in the first place since it was totally outside of God’s actual vision. It was tied moreso to Mike’s plot to pounce on @common and myself if we ever

connected downstairs especially “outside”. Therefore last night was not a total waste after all. And the vulgarity being spewed at me now is only further confirmation. Y’all ( including Mike who I know is still with you) have a blessed day now! 🙏🏾😘

Oh yeah, the officer Kevin was really beginning to become a suspect as well because you guys just seemed too familiar.therefore no way was I ever coming down and getting in a car with him.This is why the Lord Himself gave me the vision and the plan to have @common being escorted to door. Quick question- does that mean that the security ” helicopter that was supposed to be protecting me” the whole time was one of yours as well?

This is why it is always best to “obey God rather than man” Acts 5:29!


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