True Justice

Bryan Stevenson appeared on CTM ( the new brand name for CBS This Morning) to discuss on new documentary on HBO which airs this Wednesday evening at 9pm.

During this segment on CTM, Mr. Stevenson raised a very good point in that the real issue of racism itself was that the narrative that slaves weren’t really humans; and thus eventually declared as 3/5th humans by the Supreme Court and deemed as chattel ( property) which undergirded white supremacy.

The Constitution of the United States recognises slaves as property, and pledges the Federal Government to protect it. And Congress cannot exercise any more authority over property of that description than it may constitutionally exercise over property of any other kind. – Scott vs Sandford ruling of the Supreme Court.

He stated that the North won the Civil War to end slavery; however the South won the narrative in that it never had to repudiate the narrative of the ideology of slaves not being regarded as fully human.

I sincerely believe that this ideology still exists to a large extent today.

Listening to Mr. Stevenson also gave voice to the underlying conviction that I have at this point in my life to see justice all the way through, at the expense of immediate personal gratification in so many aspects. I have often reflected on the belief that ( is now becoming more factual), that the mindset of the members of what I deem as the ” Network Family ” is that same mindset of white supremacists. And that deem me as their property that they have profited off of for so many years. I could go on about the numerous threats, statements, and overall attitude that have been hurled at me over this past year alone that have had similar racial undertones that have liken me to a runaway slave!

I honestly do not know what pains me more- that such ideology is still prevalent in 2019 and/ or that there are members of this said network with similar ancestry as mine who also gain to profit at my expense. I deem and recognize this situation to be similar to the greed that motivated the slavery trade in the first place including the involvement of an African tribe trading off other Africans in the name of greed.

I often think how easy life in general would be to just give in at this point and move on. And then I think about the culprits getting away with their wrongful illegal acts and the overall message that it sends, not only to me but to the numerous victims that have been intimated over the years and will continue to be intimated going forward unless someone/ people finally stands up to them and demands True Justice!

My vision ( that the Lord Himself gave me over a month ago) is undergirded by my faith is to see justice all the way through and then to be able to enjoy some personal gratification in addition to being empowered with viable resources to help others. This morning’s segment on CTM and the articulations of Mr. Stevenson allowed me to tap into the real depth and source of my conviction for justice.

Isaiah 61:8

“For I, the Lord, love justice;

I hate robbery for burnt offering;

I will direct their work in truth,

And will make with them an everlasting covenant.

The love that the Lord states that He has for justice and His hate for robbery and wrong going are indeed coming to life in a more real sense as a result as well. Thus, I consider this morning’s segment as another kiss from heaven itself! 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️😘


Is. 61:8

Scott vs Sandford Case:

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