It’s okay to ask for help…

The following is a response to Common’s tweet earlier regarding his new book ” Let Love Have The Last Word” during a recent interview on the View.

For some reason I was not able to tweet a copy of the link from my journal. I just felt impressed to share via this blog post.

*************************************Mental health
‪So true and have been reflecting on this regarding myself over the past few weeks. Challenged on how to look within, tap the healing power within- that has kept me all these years. Although I am advocate for Mental Health and for our community in particular to get past the stigma .
‪That has been placed on seeking therapy; I am honestly apprehensive about talking to someone at a time when I believe and desire to the most – simply because of privacy issues.‬
Thus I am left to rely on the Source and the resources such as prayer, meditation, music( positive music from various genres), the Word of God, the awesome grace of God, spending time w/ my baby girl, and so forth to keep me going. The hope and prayer of us really connecting soon‬.

In the meantime I do encourage others who are feeling pressed, overwhelmed and/ or in simple need of talking / working through somethings – to seek a licensed mental health professional that they feel comfortable with and that they can trust.

You are a tremendous blessing to all you know and love you the world over. Praising God for you and your work, your voice regarding this issue in particular and other important issues that you give a voice to on the behalf of the voiceless, the vulnerable. I know that a practitioner of mental health is integral in my purpose; and yet…🙏🏾❤️


  1. Phil 4:6-9
  2. Common discusses mental health and his new book on the View:
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