Scales of Righteous Justice

I keep hearing members of “ the network family” saying “ I don’t get it” in reference to why I won’t move. Many others probably see it from their perspective as well. Why would I want to continue to struggle living with my daughter in an one bedroom apartment- when I can have so much more if I just came downstairs? As if I’m actually rejecting my honey and the blessing(s) that God has for us. The furthest thing from the truth- delayed gratification by the grace of God (Ps. 37).

That’s the perspective from a worldview and sadly many Christians see if from this worldly perspective as well. They have the form of godliness but deny the power thereof (2Tim 3:5). However, I and I suspect that there are other righteous servants of God that may hopefully see if from a Kingdom of God perspective that can only be obtained by abiding with Him and by Him abiding in you and through us as a result of having obtained a personal relationship with Him ( Rom 12:1-2; John 8:31).

We are simply being obedient to Him and what He has placed on our hearts as His Will for resolving the situation at this particular phase ( Is 1:19). He loves justice, and hates robbery and wrong doing in which this particular case with the ” network family ” and the voyeurism being the least of their offenses reek of ( Is 61:8).

The way that God has presented His scales of justice to me is that He loves all of His creation and desires for all men to be saved (1Tim 2:4).

Therefore, by obeying His will, Justice is served by us securing the evidence that the ” network family” is after.

That’s the real reason why they have this false sense of superiority in thinking that that have the right to dictate and to apply pressure for us to move AND THEY DON’T. They would have you to think that it’s been solely about a love triangle and it hasn’t ; it’s been about justice as well.

However by obeying God, we secure the evidence and go on to living the abundant life that includes spiritual AND material blessings while serving God under His umbrella of continued protection and provisions (Ps. 91).

However, if we allow them to have their way, primarily by giving into their pressure to vacant the premises and so forth by having me to come downstairs and eventually fall into the trap, then they continue to have their understanding darkened, their hearts hardened and continue to vilify the vulnerable because their cowards at their very cores.

God’s way –everyone receives at the very least eternal life. We all win in this manner and matter!


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