Lessons of Love

Letter to Mike and Common,


As I am really begin to process everything that has transpired to this point, I am starting to accept what I have actually known deep down all along, is that you have been keeping your promise that you made to me which is to fight for us to the end. I am also starting to see that you and Common both love me from your respective perspectives.

To you both,

I am especially grateful to God for everything that He has allowed to transpire, even the chaos involving social media. The voyeurism, and everything attached to and that has transpired from it has indeed made me stronger, wiser and better. Most importantly, it continues to teach me how to love.

I have been praying this past week as I have at times over the years for the grace to be able to look beyond people’s faults and see their needs; especially the true haters that abound. I’m grateful to be able to say that I love you both from that perspective. No one is perfect, yet I still see greatness and leadership capabilities in you both in the midst of your respective flaws.

God still loves justice and hates robbery, wrongdoing, I guess we will see how He has already planned to have this all play out.

My heart’s desire is for unity within the brethen; and the only entity that I desire to inflict pain on is satan himself; and by the grace of God to be used as a vessel to tear down the stronghold of oppression that has people in bondage on a global basis. However, from my vantage, the stronghold of oppression is experienced on a  deeper  level domestically; and ironically here in the Northeast. I want everyone of us to be free from this stronghold of oppression. I sincerely want our country as a whole to begin the healing process.

🎼free them to free us, America’s moment to come to Jesus🎼- Common

1Cor 7:14-15; Is 61:8



Much love, peace, joy and blessings to you both and to us all!

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