On Race, Religion and Racism Revisited 

Apostle Fred K.C. Price experienced an awakening years ago (1998) as it relates to racism within the church. Read his story below. This awakening launched his mission to expose the lies that has led to pervasive racism not only in society but also within the church ( Body of Christ). 

I have experienced racism within the church over the years – at times some incidents were very hurtful but I would always choose to let it go and keep it moving. 

However, through recents events I have come to a similar awakening to Apostle Price and therefore I find myself on a similar mission with similar inner conviction that God has raised me “for such a time as this”. 

Apostle Price planted the seed in 1998-1999; and what a big seed it is! I simply am here at this pivotal time to water the seed, while  believing God to give the increase. 

Please feel free to join me as we explore this systemic problem within the church and seek God’s guidance and wisdom to as Apostle Price put it…” fix it”! 

“Prayer is simply not enough- we need to fix this! ”

Feel free to share your personal experiences, prayer requests, insights and suggestions as to how to fix it! 

God Bless! 

LA Times Interview with Apostle Price

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